Facial Hair Shaving Tips

Shaving is one of the grooming techniques in men, and therefore you ensure that you smoothly shave your facial hair. Majority of men always end up with razor bumps, ingrown hair, and razor burns after shaving because they do it wrongly. There are methods of shaving that you should apply so that you end up with a smooth face. Therefore, the article herein discusses some of the shaving tips that you should employ.

The first step to shaving is softening your hair some minutes before shaving. The softening will help in preventing some of the effects of shaving such as razor bumps and ingrown hair. The most suitable way of softening your hair is by using a towel dipped in water. Instead of wetting your hair, you can choose to shave after a hot shower. Once the hair is soft, make sure that the razor blade you are planning to use is sharp and wet. You should also use a shaving cream or gel while shaving. The shaving gel helps in preventing the shaving side effects and a minimizing friction between the razor blade and your skin. The best time to apply the gel is two minutes before you begin shaving. 

If you are likely to experience the shaving side effects, you should ensure that you shave in line with the grain. Shaving while opposing the grain results to a smoother shave but leads to skin irritation. You should also ensure that you shave in line with the direction in which your hair grows so that you prevent skin irritation. To effortlessly cut the hair, the razor blade should be inclined perpendicularly to your skin. You should also avoid cutting your hair closer to the skin as it causes the razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Repetitive shaving over the same area should also be avoided, and the skin should also not be stretched too tight while shaving.

Once you are done shaving, you should apply oil-free moisturizer to facilitate the soothing and protection of your face. In case you are planning to use the available after shaving products you should ensure that you check the ingredients. The ingredients should be friendly to your skin so that you do not end up developing rashes. Some of the common side effects associated with some of the after shaving products include stinging sensation and dryness. The percentage of alcohol in the products should also not be too high as large amounts can also irritate.