Shaving Tips for Men

One of the challenges that most men face after shaving is aftershave rash. The rashes are always caused by a dry shave and some shaving products. The rashes not only irritates but might also damage your facial appearance. Shaving correctly and with right products will give you a smooth shave that is free of aftershave rashes. Once you have the right products, you will have a pleasurable shaving experience. Shaving tips should supplement the shaving products. The article discusses some of the tips and hints that men should follow while shaving compiled by professional barbers.

For a painless and clean shave, your facial hair should be wet. The facial hair has the capability to absorb moisture and therefore increases its volume. Once the hair has absorbed water, it will become soft and weak for easy cutting. Hot water is recommended as it will also open the facial pores making your hair soft. You can also soften your hair by having a hot shower before shaving or using a towel dipped in hot water. The primary cause of rashes, razor burn, and ingrown hair is dry shave. Therefore, wetting your hair before shaving will reduce the chances of experiencing the aftershave side effects.

The shaving cream that you use should be of good quality. The quality of a shaving cream is determined by its composition regarding moisturizers and lubricants. Hence, the shaving cream should have a high percentage of the two ingredients. The function of the shaving cream is to prevent the friction between the razor blade and your skin by allowing it to slide over smoothly. The shaving cream also acts as a moisturizer during shaving to avoid dry shaving. You should let the shaving cream to wet your hair before you begin shaving. The recommended time is always a minute before shaving.

The shaving should be done in the direction of the growth of the beard. Shaving in the direction of the beard will result in a clean and safe cut. Hair growing around the chin is usually strong hence more time should be allowed after applying the shaving cream so that they can get moisturized and become soft. In case you need a closer shave then the best way to do it without irritating is by first shaving with the grain and then following with a shave against the grain. After shaving, you should rinse your face with hot water and dry your face by patting with a towel. Drying by rubbing using a towel can cause irritation and rash.