Shaving and Skin Maintenance

Shaving can be somehow stressful, especially for people with sensitive skin . Most of them complain of issues such as redness, pimples, rashes as well as nicks and cuts.  Being prone to breakouts and such problems may thus be a huge problem. However, there are some tips and simple steps that these individuals should use to enhance smooth shaving and also less irritation on the skin. Therefore, lowering the chances of irritation and reactions on the skin requires you to pay attention to issues such as ensuring the skin is ready for a shave, using the right products and tools during the process as well as after you shave and finally having a dermatologist for professional help and advice.

Why do you require a dermatologist?  Various people will experience different levels of irritation and reactions after a shave. Therefore, a skin expert can assist you to identify the best products for use based on the skin type.  At the same time, if your skin's conditions worsen, you can quickly seek an appointment and go in for examinations. Therefore, ensure you have one.  In addition, ensure to exfoliate the skin. Notably, if the razor works on a smooth surface, then the chances of nicking are really low. 

Brush some cream on the places you want to shave using the finger or a badger brush to reduce the odds of skin irritation. Opt for the best  shaving gel, which you can ask your dermatologist to recommend or search online while carefully and thoroughly scrutinizing customer feedback and reviews. Effectively coating the hair makes it easier to shave.  It is also crucial to first soften facial bristle which can be notoriously tough to get rid of smoothly. Softening the hair reduces resistance to the blade and thus enhances easier and faster removal. Ensure to use a towel soaked in warm water and press it on the face for at least three minutes to soften hair and dilate the pores.

Additionally, ensure that the razor you intend to use matches your hair. You can search from the various shops to identify the best one. Purchase from reputable sellers with best reviews as well as positive feedback from customers. An example of effective blades for all skin types is Braun Series 7. Braun Series 7 reviews indicate that it provides a thorough, comfortable as well as clean shave.  Besides, ensure that as you shave you do it in the direction of the hair growth, with the help of a sharp blade requiring less pushing.